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For a table, its edges often are the first places that are broken, and this reflects the quality of the product. Good furniture lies in its edge banding, which is often ignored by wooden products manufacturers; but it is not easy to do well in edge banding, for the edge banding of high quality is not reflected well in many wood products!


Real woodworking edge banding needs to pay attention to treatment in some details to reflect the high quality in terms of value and create furniture. The quality of edge banding has several concerns: edge band, base material quality, edge banding quality, edge banding glue. The use of base material and materials each edge banding operation relates will affect the edge banding quality.


On CIFF Hongqiao, Shanghai this September

Huali provides perfect edge banding for you

Edge banding sheet collection

According to your requirements, we design products with different textures, colors, specifications and materials, which can easily meet the personalized and differentiated needs of various furniture products and decorations. The edge banding makes the product sparkling and bright.



Laser hot air edge banding

Launched first in China, it uses new type of polymer function adhesive, optimizes the production process, saves preheating and hot melt adhesive. The appearance after banding has no glue line, thus achieving the "seamless" bonding, enhancing the beauty and moistureproof performance of the furniture.



3D edge banding products

The 3D edge banding has good transparency, and perfect match with high gloss surface material; it is safe and reliable for it has good flame retardancy.



Profile series

Adopt the industry original continuous molding process, through precise parameter design and integration molding, achieve the excellent error control effect. The product, which can compound various decoration fabrics on the surface of the base material through package, spray oil, printing, transfer printing and other techniques, is the indispensable important material for modern home furnishing and interior decoration.


Decorative surface material series

The decorative surface material series includes two categories, one for the plate surface decoration and the other for large interior decoration. Main products are: slate with natural effect, paper foil with lifelike texture, etc., which have the advantages of environmental protection, surface wear resistance, handiness and simple processing, popular in customers in plank furniture industry and interior decoration.


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