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Over the Past 6 Decades, Huahe Has Always Been Exploring its Dreams


Thinking without action

Is fantasy.

Moving forward for a goal

Is the dream.

Over the past 6 decades,

Huahe has always been exploring its dreams.



From the “panel combination furniture” at the beginning to the “panel-solid wood combined furniture” launched in China in the 1990s, Huahe has always set off new upsurges in the furniture market and continues to attract the attention of consumers. Today Huahe continues to launch excellent furniture, helping you realize your dreams for home!

ISOLA New Products
Post-youth, New Lifestyle

Huahe continues to launch new products. The ISOLA new product lines debut.


The ISOLA new product lines are developed by Huahe in cooperation with international designers for the post-80s and post-90s consumers, with a huge investment after years of research and development. The ISOLA product lines are designed by the “Red Dot Design Award” & IF Design Award winners, famous Italian furniture & architectural designer Marco and famous Japanese furniture designer Toshimitsu Sasaki.


The ISOLA new products consist of two themes: Minimalist European Style and Minimalist Style, which combine the aesthetic tradition of Italian furniture with Milan’s mainstream trends in the design concept, focus on the harmony between man and nature, and highlight beauty, fun and easy use. The new products pursue fashion and reflect the natural rhythm and tranquility, making the modern space find the stylish life aesthetics close to nature. ISOLA advocates “Post-youth and New Lifestyle”, achieving the transformation from sale of products to sale of home lifestyles and a perfect change from sale of single-color products to sale of multicolored, diversified functional spaces.



Athens Home
Huahe · Rosewood




The Athens • Home in amber brown is always memorable and elegant, made of rosewood, featured by uniform structure, clear texture and strong wood, and resists corrosion and worms.


Huahe Wood Doors


Cesaro’s Classical European Style HH-B01

Born after a year of repeated pondering, Cesaro with classical American design breaks with the constraints on conventional composite solid wood door design and boldly uses multiple solid wood line modeling and carving process. Huahe has developed the carving patterns suitable for product features as well as developed the hardware and glass in harmony with the product style to ensure the overall harmonization.


Cesaro’s Classical European Style ——HH-A12, HH-A11


Cesaro’s Classical European Style ——HH-A01


Cesaro’s Classical European Style ——HH-U11


Cesaro’s Classical European Style——HH-U03


Cesaro’s Classical European Style——HH-U01

Huahe ·Black Walnut


Rongtin’s Minimalist European Style——W-H203

Following the popular minimalist Scandinavian design style, Rongtin features quality, superb technology and stylish shape and is eco-friendly. It has great originality, abandons complication and extravagance, provides the classical and simple design and creates the spirit of urban upstart with modern European furniture art, which is the best interpretation of home life.


Rongtin’s Minimalist European Style——W-H173


Rongtin’s Minimalist European Style——W-HX34


Rongtin’s Minimalist European Style——W-H231


Rongtin’s Minimalist European Style——W-H201

Huahe ·Modern Fashion



We pay attention to the exquisite, beautiful and simple details! Milana perfectly combines a natural, healthy and environmentally-friendly life with the international trends and creates a unique life proposition. Its creative relief coating technology highlights the wood texture, naturally reflects a fresh lifestyle and reveals its taste in the details. Each wood door is meticulously made through 123 processes. The strict process management ensures the extraordinary quality of Milana products.


Huahe Group Co., Ltd.

With a history of 60 years, Huahe Group is a conglomerate in China’s furniture building materials industry as well as a large manufacturer of solid wood furniture, wood doors, integrated wardrobes, wood windows and sunrooms.

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 CIFF (Shanghai)

Invites You to Follow Huahe’s Dreams Through 6 Decades



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