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2017 EAST Design Show Good tea for good friends



A tea party on July 26

Brought the EAST Design Show 2017 into contact with media.

Long time no see.

Good tea for good friends

See you in CIFF (Shanghai) September.






Scene 1

The big shots were seated.

The chief curator, in all sincerity and frankness,

Revealed the secret of the EAST


Understated Publicity Campaign

The recruitment for the EAST Design Show 2017 was fully completed as at July.





Hou Zhengguang, One of the East Design Show Curators

As a moderator for three consecutive sessions of the communication meeting

With consistent humor and wit

Led the guests and media

To make a relaxing and unique conversation.


Mr. Li Deying, General Manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation

Over 2 decades, CIFF with 40 sessions,

Has always persisted in being a good exhibition organizer.

We had focused on the exhibitions with rich selling points,

But we have begun to create the exhibitions with more highlights

Based on the trading functions,

Further developing the aspects including fashion display, channel maintenance, industry gathering and design inspiration.


Ms. Lin Chenfang-- Representative of the EAST Design Show Organizing Committee

In 2015, CIFF (Shanghai) debuted at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai), Hongqiao.

The EAST Design Show also grows with CIFF (Shanghai).

The yellow triangular logo began to be remembered.

In 2016, more partners joined our team

Including the brands and designers from all over the world

We get more support

Interaction and attention

The yellow triangular logo is not only memorized

But also delivers the interesting oriental design.

It is good design as well as good business.


Mr. Zhu Xiaojie, One of the EAST Design Show Curators

The EAST Design Show has been held for 3 years.

Led by Mr. Hou in recent years,

It has gained immense success.

The EAST Design Show 2017 will take place in CIFF

As well as in multiple places.

The EAST Design Show inspires the design sector

To make men, women and children involved.

We must work together in the era of Internet to succeed


Scene 2

Three Portals 

Sina, Netease and Sohu got together to make a speech.

Advance Notice for Theme Events


Brilliant Speeches, Strong Immersion

Do not miss it.


Ms. Dai Bei, National Editor in Chief of

In the era of open design

We should have an open mind

To provide Chinese design with a wall for free expression.

In China today

We need to treat some things with more balanced attitude.

As media people, we are not trying to talk about what is right and what is wrong.

We give an objective and true presentation

To create a platform for free expression in this era


Ms. Li Sha, Deputy National Design Supervisor of Netease Design

“Youth is immature”. “Youth is that I can shine immediately if I am given some sunshine”.

These are the impressions of the designers at the Young Collection 2016 on youth

And also represent the attitude and power of modern young designers.

I am very happy that 26 designers from all over the world participated in the Young Collection 2016

To demonstrate youth with their works.


Ms. Gu Xinyue, Editor in Chief of South China

Tea represents a leisurely and slow-paced life.

We also hope that the spot coverage, 

Especially support for new generation of design workshops,

Can stimulate the interaction of the EAST Design Show

And promote more extensive exchanges

And work together to do something interesting.


Scene 3

The brand/workshop representatives made a speech

“Good design and good business” is inseparable from interaction and communication

They expressed their hope for diversified media cooperation modes


Bring Together the Influence of Mainstream Media

To Promote Good Design


Mr. Zhao Chunyang, General Manager of Miracle Dynasty

This time we use the porcelain cups to participate in the EAST Design Show.

We hope such a more convenient carrier

Can reflect the design of people

And spread the power of design.

We have done a good thing.

We hope it can be more perfect

And thank you for your participation.


Mr. Gao Yuechang, General Manager of Aurora

This year we work with the EAST Design Show to create the teahouse.

Tea has been drunk by Chinese people for at least 4700 years.

Tea is a heritage of traditional Chinese culture.

We also hope to work with the EAST Design Show in 2017


Xie Ruibiao, Brand Director of Yueli

As a representative of Chinese furniture

I hope to

Combine the Ming and Qing cultures with the current aesthetic trends by sharing and exchange

Instead of deliberately creating the so-called “classical” design.


Mr. Jiang Yincheng, Representative of Swedish Wood in China

Swedish Wood has more than 20 designers that participated in the show.

The special salon was held

and invited several designers to make a speech and play videos

to share the design experience in using the Swedish Scots pines from multiple perspectives.


Mr. Lin Yucheng, Chief Planner of the Classical Chinese Furniture

The dislocation of Chinese culture has resulted in the dislocation of Chinese aesthetics.

Chinese designers are great and are the poets in life.

Better life cannot be achieved without you.

Generally speaking, a person who loves beauty is not too bad.

Loving beauty will make people and our society better.

It is hoped that designers can create more beauty to benefit more people.



Group Photo for All Guests

About Media Point-to-Point

This is the biggest highlight of the media forms in the exhibition.

On a point-to-point basis, the media

Selected the corporate workshops

Independent designer studios and brands

For interaction.


/The Show to Be Published in the Magazine/

The selected workshops or brands

Will be displayed in the show,

Namely the special column in September Issue of the magazine

Will simultaneously release them.


The Furniture Today-September Issue to Publish the Cooperative Brand Yamakawa


/The Publication to Be Displayed in the Show/

The selected workshops or brands

Will reserve a facade wall for media

To display the September Issue and introduce the magazine.


The “Furniture Today” Publicity Wall in Yamakawa Sector

Media Themed Events

The media, as initiator,

Plans the themed events in the EAST Salon Zone during the EAST Design Show.

The EAST Design Show is a platform.

All exhibitors in the EAST Design Show

Are likely to be the event participants.

The combination of such elements sparks different inspirations.


We expect more media to join us.

Let’s work together

To make the EAST more interesting.

Special Thanks

Venue Provider: J+Club, 6F, JSWB Global Home Furnishings Center

Tea Provider: Tea Mate · Zenjoy

【About the EAST Design Show】

The EAST Design Show promotes Asia’s good design

And does its endeavor to turn good design into good business.

It takes place at NECC in September annually,

Covering the premium furniture brands across Asia,

Academy workshops, individual workshops and media workshops.

Wall Art Gallery, Young Collection and EAST Salon


Approved by: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

Hosted by: China Foreign Trade Centre (Group)

Organized by: China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation

Supported by: National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) (Shanghai) 

Curators: Zhu Xiaojie, Hou Zhengguang


Color Director: Song Jianming

Time: September 11-14, 2017

Venue: National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)


Strategic Cooperation Media:

Deep Cooperation Media:

Special Cooperation Media:

Strategic Cooperation Brand: Huarun Paint

Special Co-organizer: JSWB International Furniture Center

Lighting Art Adviser: Myths of Light




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