The 44th China International Furniture Fair(Shanghai)
National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai • Hongqiao)
8-11 September 2019
NO.333 Songze Avenue,Shanghai
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New Pattern of CIFF | Approaching the 41st CIFF (Guangzhou)


The year 2017 is winding down

And 2018 will be here.

We expect

Expect March


On the countdown to 2018

We are looking forward to March



In March, the annual golden season for global trading, the furniture industry insiders worldwide will focus on the amazing furniture event in the Pearl River Delta in China. The 41st CIFF (Guangzhou) is coming to bring together more than 4,000 biggest names in the world market and over 190,000 professional visitors. Meet the world-known brands and capture the global business opportunities!

More Highlights

The 750,000-square-meter flagship exhibition covers the themes in the entire industry chain under the concept of Whole Home Decor that integrate with each other and fully demonstrate their features. The 41st CIFF (Guangzhou) on March 18-21 and March 28-31 will focus on the latest trends and hot issues on customization, intelligence, design and mild luxury in the furniture industry, optimize the theme layout and precisely match the domestic and international markets. With trade and trend-setting function, this furniture fashion show will sure spoil exhibitors and visitors for experience and values.


Key Words 1: Customization + Intelligence + Design


When personalized customization encounters the practical and intelligent home furnishings, how beautiful is our life?

Customization & Intelligence: how fancy can life be?


As the customization craze sweeps China’s home furnishing industry and new technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and smart chips rapidly infiltrate into the home furnishing sector, the Phase 1 of the 41st CIFF (Guangzhou) sets the trend, highlighting the Whole Customized Smart Home at Halls 6.1-8.1, Area A.

Various “black technologies” are ingeniously integrated into the customized home furnishing design to make home life cozy and convenient in a less garish way.

CIFF spares no effort to cultivate Halls 4.1-5.1, Area A into the Design Hall that will integrate the solid wood and neo-Chinese brands and bring together the current hot themes in China market, providing exhibitors with efficient match, visitors with one-stop visiting.





Key Words 2: Mild Luxury


We live in an era when expensiveness and inexpensiveness can coexist well, and this is the first time to happen in the fashion circle.

——Karl Lagerfeld


Nowadays, Mild luxury perfectly matches “expensiveness” and “inexpensiveness”. “Mild” stands for low profile and coziness minus the pressure exerted by exquisiteness; “luxury” is personality and fashion with elegance. Mild luxury is a “burden-free, quality” life, as a trend between classic luxury and fast fashion breezing into furniture field, popular among young consumers.

The Phase 1 of the 41st CIFF (Guangzhou) will use Halls 4.2-5.2, Area A as the Mild Luxury gathering the top-grade and affordable luxury for exhibitors to capture the trend and explore new market, for visitors to make wise choice


The Phase 1 of the 41st CIFF (Guangzhou) will fully integrate the modern and classical home furniture. The European &American Furniture will continue to use Halls 9.2-10.2, Area B.



Key Words 3: Special Halls Boost Export


According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the export delivery value of furniture manufacturing industry from January to August 2017 reached RMB126.34 billion, up 6.2% year on year. China’s furniture export is embracings new opportunities.

The Phase 1 of the 41st CIFF (Guangzhou) will specially offer the Dining Room/Living Room Furniture at Halls 9.3-11.3, Area B in combination with the Upholstered Sofa and Mattress to highlight the export function and serve for export trade.

The Dining Room/Living Room Furniture will bring together a number of excellent exhibitors to help upgrade and recreation of Made in China. It will improve the exhibition outcomes by helping exhibitors receive more target visitors and also improve the visiting efficiency by helping overseas audience purchase goods they prefer.




Key Words 4: Optimize Themes and Enhance Experience


The 41st CIFF (Guangzhou) will optimize and upgrade the themes centering on the exhibition experience.

The Homedecor & Hometextile will integrate the idea of Zen and the brand power of Lighting Hall to display more original products.

The Outdoor & Leisure will use Hall 17.3 as the Outdoor Gardening Experience Hall to introduce the garden tools, fountain equipment, iron arts and crafts and improve the themes of outdoor furniture. It will work with the 3rd Global Garden Lifestyle Festival to interpret the garden lifestyle and create the outdoor garden showroom, leading a leisure lifestyle.

The Phase 2 of the 41st CIFF (Guangzhou)-Office Show will increase the Medical & Healthcare Furniture-Hall 5.1 and steadily increase the scale of the Smart Office - Hall 5.2 to attract more brands.

CIFM / interzum Guangzhou will further optimize the theme layout and enhance the display space for more hot themes and excellent enterprises.



Let CIFF show you the design and trend

The first and must choice of trading platform for global furniture industry

See you in Pazhou, Guangzhou on March 18-21 and March 28-31!

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