The 44th China International Furniture Fair(Shanghai)
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8-11 September 2019
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CIFF-Home Furniture (March) Will Present You with Trends | CIFF Preview


The 41st CIFF (Guangzhou)-Home Furniture will present the premium home furniture in Pazhou, Guangzhou on March 18 to 21, 2018, bringing unlimited surprises to our home life.

The CIFF- Home Furniture 2018 will focus on three highlights of “customized intelligence, mild luxury and design” to provide the urban backbone with excellent home furnishings as well as to serve the emerging consumers. People who pursue a lifestyle and home furnishing design can get together at Areas A and B, China Import & Export Fair Complex.

Optimize Layout, Focus on Domestic Sales & Export


Area A will create the “whole living space”: Halls 1.1 to 3.1 will serve as International Hall, Halls 4.1 to 5.1 as Design Hall, Halls 1.2 to 3.2 as Modern Furniture/Nordic Furniture/Minimalist Furniture, Halls 4.2 to 5.2 as the newly built Mild Luxury Furniture and Halls 6.1 to 8.1 as Whole House Customized Intelligent Furniture to further strengthen domestic sales based on continuously enhanced exports.

Area B will create the “Premium Home Furnishings”: Halls 9.3 to 11.3 will serve as Dining & Living Room Furniture, Halls 9.1 to 13.1 and 11.2 as Sofa Premium, Halls 12.2 to 13.2 as Sleep Center and Halls 9.2 to 10.2 as European & American Furniture, aimed to further consolidate and highlight the export functions, help more precise matching between exhibitors and visitors and enhance the sense of gain from the exhibition.


Trendy Home Furniture at Nine Sectors

  01    Nine Sectors---Whole House Customized Intelligent Furniture

When Whole House Customization Meets Intelligence, the Future Is This Moment


With the rapid economic development, people increasingly pursue convenience and efficiency. From mobile phones, computers to furniture and home improvement ... people are beginning to have more demands on product customization and intelligence. CIFF (Guangzhou) also seizes the chance and spares no effort to create the Whole House Customized Intelligent Furniture at Halls 6.1-8.1, Area A.


CIFF spares no effort to create the new sector and has attracted the well-known brands such as Shangpinzhaipei, Carpenter Honor, Kinwai, Wayes, Somnopro, Grandmaster, 3vjiar and based on its advantages over years.


Shangpinzhaipei, Wayes, Lailok and Debel that always focus on the main concept of whole house customization will showcase their new collections of customized panel furniture in CIFF. The well-known traditional furniture brand Zhongshan Four-Seas will also launch a full range of customized space services of “cabinet furniture + movable furniture + upholstered furniture”.

Undoubtedly, CIFF (Guangzhou) that presents a combination of whole house customization and intelligence will make you see the future development of home furnishings and home improvement.

  02    Nine Sectors---Mild Luxury & Classical Home Furniture

Mild Luxury & Classical Home Furniture to Inject Youth and Move You

Mild luxury has long broken with the traditional luxury goods and entered the home furnishing sector closely related to everyone with a younger, more simple and stylish attitude. The “affordable luxury” concept has long been widely used in and integrated into the household products and is pursued by more and more young people.


For many home furnishing brands with attitude, designing affordable luxury for ordinary people can bring great value to consumers. CIFF (Guangzhou) attaches great importance to it and offers Halls 4.2 & 5.2 at Area A as Mild Luxury.


At the Mild Luxury, the audience can see many famous brands including Lichi, Nobel (Nobel Meizuo), Ouevane, Wanjiale (Royal Afei), Monarchy, Changfeng, DOB, Orlida, Dihao (Beauty Vogue), Haisha, Medici, Blue Bamboo (Nuodingshan), Young's Brothers and P&L that will continue to bring an elegant and stylish home experience in 2018.

In addition, such brands as TT • casa, Jifen, Weihuang, Jingbang, Huarui (Yuejinxiu, Ruizhinianhua), Xingyi and Haige Furniture will debut, bringing more new products in line with global trends.


The Classical Home Furniture at Halls 9.2 & 10.2, Area B will also move you with premium products.

The Classical Home Furniture created by such brands as Four-Seas (Carpenter), Gainwell (Lebetter), Tianyuan, Art, Rich Collection, Runjia, Armola, Wanjiale (Rigao), Yipurunsen, Xingema, Style, Fuxin and Aijia (First Lady) will win the hearts of customers with an easier and more systematic way.

  03   Nine Sectors---International Hall

Close Contact with Global Industry Giants


The International Hall is always a place where overseas brands compete with each other. It brings together world-known designers and world's leading brands and manufacturers. Each scene will be integrated with the life through the terminal market. The International Hall at Halls 1.1-3.1 will demonstrate the design and styles of the world’s top home furnishing brands.



Undoubtedly, the international exhibitors will continue to join efforts. The world's leading brands such as Ashley, Lifestyle, Chateau d'Ax, Natuzzi, HTL and Manwah have gained momentum. Stressless, born in Norway in 1971, will also debut in the International Hall and challenge the domestic market to “bring you the household products that have a better understanding of the body language.”


In fact, the continuous improvement of domestic consumption level has not only boosted the domestic home furnishing brands, but also attracted the attention of many overseas brands to China market. They are constantly exploring in order to gain a place in China market. The international brands will try their best to show their best sides to this world.


World-known Designer Steve Leung

When the overseas brands shine, the world-known designers will also show their new works here. The important works designed by designer Steve Leung for Theodore Alexander will also be unveiled in CIFF (Guangzhou) to demonstrate the power of design from Hong Kong to the world.

  04    Nine Sectors---Design Hall

Good Design Is Not Trendy If Not Put into Practice

CIFF (Guangzhou) always pays attention to the development of China’s creative design and will offer the Design Hall at Halls 4.1-5.1, Area A in 2018, hoping to spare no effort to create the overall value of the creative design brands as well as helping designers smooth the bumpy road to the creative design.

As an all-around furniture platform, CIFF adheres to pragmatism instead of impractical design. The Design Hall 2018 will focus on commercial design while making conceptual design subsidiary to make good design find good factory and good channel, turn innovative design into production and put it on the market to find the most suitable target customer base.


CIFF attaches importance to putting good design into practice as well as gives more surprises in the aspects of brilliance of design. At the Design Hall 2018, the visitors will experience the wonderful and fantastic works by the designers and see how they integrate aesthetics and practicality to create the masterpieces.


In addition to the brands including Innovation, Adwin, Shijiyuan, Hobang, Dongjian and Bonazzi that will continue to attend the exhibition, the organizers will also introduce the brands including Fanhe created by Steel-Land, Magnet known for its soft decoration design, Keqi famous for its simple lines as well as MC Home Furniture in cooperation with famous Chinese interior designer Liang Jinghua. The industry will go further on the journey of putting creative design into practice thanks to the persistence and efforts of CIFF and designers.

640.webp (1).jpg

World-known Designer Liang Jinghua

In 2018, MC Home Furniture will bring together a number of world-known design experts, and independently create a collection of furniture for each designer. The 1st Master Collection --Liang Jinghua Collection will make an official debut at Hall 4.1 in CIFF (Guangzhou).

  05   Nine Sectors---Modern Furniture


Life Play “Academy”

What will your home look like? Urbanites who do not know what to choose must not miss the Modern Furniture/Nordic Furniture/Minimalist Furniture at Halls 1.2, 2.2 and 3.2, Area A.

The Modern Furniture, Nordic Furniture and Minimalist Furniture, just like the “stage of home” in three different styles will present the hottest and most efficient lifestyles to people. As the consumers tend to be young and have international vision, the minimalist furniture has become the cyberstar. This is the intention of CIFF to set up the Nordic Furniture and Minimalist Furniture independently in 2018.


In 2018, the Modern Furniture/Nordic Furniture/Minimalist Furniture has attracted a large number of new brands. 40% of participating brands are new ones that did not attend the previous exhibition. The participation of the new and old brands will bring steady gains and surprises.

The Modern Furniture in pace with the times will bring together well-known furniture brands such as Landbond, Kinwai, Jufeng, Loho Furniture, Yigao and Novel that will launch new themes and present new products and upgraded services, continuing to demonstrate the charm of modern furniture.


At the Nordic Furniture, the brands inspired by the Nordic design ideas, including YSMY, Stmoya, Dexuan, Changshi, Sinoah, V + Nordic, Geshidi and Dawood will bring you into the Nordic life scene with a warmer, easier and more natural style.


At the Minimalist Furniture, you will see both emotional and rational home furnishings. The brands such as Lixing, Kangbao, Noble, Yonghaoxuan, Debrah's, Centrocasa and Qiaoxin follow the concept of “minimalist but not simple design” and focus on functional diversity of furniture products.


It is worth mentioning that the Kids Furniture will also stand out in 2018. This session will host the baby bedding brand PICCI and the kids & teens bedroom furniture brands including Hulubao, Fuya and Xianhe as well as kids study desk brands including Singbee, Aixuexi and Igrow, which combine functionality with entertainment.

  06     Nine Sectors---Sofa Premium, Sleep Center, Dining &Living Room Furniture

Embrace Health

The open living room is a place where we entertain friends and relatives or share our lifestyle with our families. The private bedroom is a place to relieve fatigue and get back ourselves after work. The upholstered furniture with sitting and sleeping functions has long been our closest “partner”.


In 2018, CIFF (Guangzhou) offers the Sleep Center at Halls12.2 and 13.2, Area B for the sleep products.

Since its debut in the 35th CIFF, the Sleep Center has brought together the sleep furniture brands such as Sleemon, Mlily, Eon, Aide, Sweetnight, Superieur, Gainsville, Seahorse, Aonidisi, Hengang, Zhongri, Jinling and Tiff R-Land and integrated the soft beds with the mattresses to create a sound sleep world.


The sofas will be presented at Sofa Premium (Halls 9.1, 10.1, 11.1, 11.2, 12.1 and 13.1), Area B. With a total area of more than 60,000 square meters, the Sofa Premium will bring together the selected products from hundreds of sofa manufacturers.

In 2018, the well-known brands including Kuka, Landbond, Aris, Violino, Furton, Steel-land, Giormani, Royal, Leather Craftsman, Fuli, Ido, Handson, Desheng, Weitesi, Boas, Fuliyuan, DashCasa, Asiama and UE will use leather, bamboo, fabric and a variety of new materials to make sofas in combination with different functions and characteristics and continue to protect the health of consumers.


In addition to sofas, the dining and living room furniture will be presented in a more systematic and integrated way at the Dining & Living Room Furniture (Halls 9.3, 10.3 and 11.3, Area B). CIFF (Guangzhou) 2018 will attract the industry-leading brands including Debrah's, Modern Home, Emeier, J&C and TXJ as well as cover the brands including Italstudio and Artlex positioned to be high-end market.


The 41st CIFF (Guangzhou) is a trading platform that brings together a collection of premium home furniture to further enhance the procurement efficiency and quality as well as a consumption- and experience-based platform to make people gain a better understanding of the furniture trends and meet the needs for a better life.


Let’s meet in Pazhou, Guangzhou on March 18-21, 2018 to share the home furniture event in CIFF (Guangzhou)!





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